We block your withdraw & give you a limited time to complete desired deposit if you can't done we close services for you.

The minimum amount are based processor you are using for withdraw:
Perfectmoney: $0.05
Payeer: $1
Bitcoin: $5
Etherum: $5

Due to the security of our safeguard network we established some limits on withdrawals before reach that limits we can block your withdrawal until you upgrade to next project.

ThysseKrupp Straightner Project ($15000)
Daimler Chrysler Straight Growth Plan ($20000)
Gazpron Straighfair Project ($75000)
JP Morgan Chase & Co Project ($250000)
Deutsche Bank Plan (No limit)

We pay 3 time daily between Monday to Friday, While Saturday & Sunday we pay 1 or 2 times according to the market situation.
The 3 periods of payment are called "session" (1,2,3).
Session 1 (Timing it can be process during 4:30 - 11:00)
Session 2 (Timing it can be process during 13:30 - 15:00)
Session 3 (Timing it can be process during 17:30 - 21:00)
Above Mentioned time is server time with Germany Standard Time, In any case session can be early or late according to the market.

Your withdrawal request only blockage for below reasons:
i- You made more than 1 accounts.
ii- You are using bots for investing in the project.
iii- Your identity looks like fake.
iv- You used over limits deposit in same plan.

For making a deposit using bitcoin is manually works follow below steps:
1: SEND Funds to our BTC address 19iEmMuMb6use2yrVuMTDfjT9yt2ZuFw9M
2: Fill available farm in the deposit to trade section
3: Write your bitcoin wallet, your transaction reference & amount you sent in BTC.
4: Save deposit & wait until our department accept your transaction, You will get an email into your regitered email address once your deposit confirmed by our department.

This is due to you can't re-invest in ThysseKrupp Straightner Project &
Daimler Chrysler Straight Growth Plan. If you want to re-invest you can choose any from last 3 plans.

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