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Statelife Gigantic Trade Online is the online investment network affilliated with world top organizations since June 02, 2012-Jan 21, 2020 till todate, Statelife Gigantic Trade Online has passed 2423 days online with 100% successful results under the 2nd elected CEO "Pop Moses Bareno" he is one of the greatest personality & have lot of experience in market place to make our network more successful than the past.

"Please NOTE: Statelife Gigantic Trade Online is an independent firm each CEO has a 5 years life for his/her leadership incase any natural incident we replace the leadership from electrol power of our Statelife Gigantic Trade Online users. In the last election with in a week we took results from 85% of users with 875321 total votes, Pop Moses was succeed with majority of 41.67% (364746) votes against more 4 (Yosi Benaime, Fredrick Earnest Bouman & Syed Aftab Mughal) candidates."

On July, 15 2017, Pop Bareno took oath for the CEO of Statelife Gigantic Trade Online & Company restarted the system database as before first CEO Fredrick Earnest emptied whole database of financial transactions during his leadership end days. Pop Bareno started a compaign against first CEO due to his management in some financial transactions & Justiportal declared a law for the global clients of Statelife Gigantic Trade Online which is mentioned in Read Update #3


For choosing Statelife Gigantic Trade Online is not a way of bothering you it is quite simple & best way to make money with real & long term based business from years. While the economy of the of was destroyed by 772942 scam websites in 2012 from that time Statelife Gigantic Trade Online started to boost online investors until to date.

2nd elected CEO by people power is Pop Moses Bareno he is one of the busiest business man also he spend remaining time in serving church to teach pupils. He is God fearing person & making lot of struggle in the wellfare for world poor citizens, He is member of international human rights organizations, He also funding NGO's for developing schools & fundraising projects in the world for backward regions. He is the first person who took interest in Panamas Leaks" from Germany to fight against dracullas tycoon.

Our Top Management

Moses Bareno

CEO (Whole Industry)

Pop Bareno is one of the powerful person in Statelife Gigantic Trade Online can make all decisions accroding to the law.

Gregor Ehrenreich

Director (Senior Board Member)

Ehrenreich is one the most senior board member of decision maker he is a powerful & respondent person of the company.

Gesine Meidner

Finance (Senior Board Member)

Gesine is the most responsible part of financial clairty in the Statelife Gigantic Trade Online, She is responsible to all finance.

Laura Izalimi

Public Relation Manager

Laura is one of the most responsible person in the company to make possiblity of every query responded to clients.

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