Hello Dear!

We are sorry to all our loyal users. We are recently updating the system for the new board members.

Statelife.Net loyality phase three has been started. Statelife.Net has choosen the new expert members of the board. Statelife.Net chosen first ever woman (President of the Board) Miss "Angelika Susanne" she is an expert crypto predictor & market investor. Angelika Susanne was born on a leap day with special qualities in her personality on (February-29-1980)(CITY of Berlin, Germany). Angelika spent a lot of time in founding the blocks of the digital wallets. She is one of the earlier crypto chain advisor during 1997 she made the ideology of digital assets while she was in Washington DC (USA) for the educational purposes. Angelika revealed the market signs during 1999 while she was 19 years old. Angelika had ability to change the things better what she was gifted by God. During the term of 2000-2015 Angelika did lot of work on blockchain technology. Angelika was the part of Blockchain Team during 2006-2018.

The experts of the board Statelife.Net choose better for your funds to invest in market.
New phase of Statelife.Net is totally based on crypto trading & digital assets.
Statelife.Net board members are fully expert in the digital market.
You can feel fully secured environment with powered by "GOOGLE Authentication".


For any query contact us at: statelifenet@gmail.com