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  • Welcome to statelife.net
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  • Dec-2-2022 03:31:43 AM

This was never easy before to make huge earnings from only an investment of singal Litecoin (LTC). It is possible now to make 10x with in next hours and half x right now on your first ever deposit with Litcoin (LTC).

Statelife.net & Litecoin project CONTRACT together gifting more than 500K LTC.

What you need to do is simply list your LTC wallet by sending a transaction as below:

On 3 LTC you will 10 LTC instant.

On 7 LTC you will get 30 LTC instant.

On 15 LTC you will get 50 LTC instant.

On 20 LTC you will get 100 LTC instant.

You can deposit LiteCoin LTC in bellow account.


Task Rules :

One LTC wallet can only take entry once in any position.
All rewards will be transfered to your LTC wallet after the first confirmation of your transaction.
All world humanity can take part in this limited time giveaway drop, Statelife users OR people outside.
Only sent transactions on above mentioned wallet is accepted for rewards, wrong addresses will not pay your rewards.
You will only be rewarded to your wallet which used for sending transaction
Thank you all for reading this update

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