Complaints Policy

6.1. The Client is forbidden to register multiple accounts on the website of the Company under his/her referral link and receive commissions for his/her own investments. If there are multiple persons who are living in the same household their accounts must not be referred to each other. If this rule is violated all involved account will be blocked without an option to refund the involved funds.
8.1. The Client agrees to protect his/her personal data required to access the investment account and is fully responsible for their safety.
8.2. The Client is fully responsible for all his account transactions.
8.3. The Client of the Company must respect and honor the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
9.1. The Company is not liable for any damages caused to the Client in case of a force majeure, including inter alia Acts of God, hostilities, insurrections, strikes, war or any disruption of normal communications or infrastructure, etc.
9.2. The Company is not responsible for system errors or loss of data caused by the Company's clients.
11.1. Our company enforces a strict Anti Spam policy and will not tolerate SPAM, and/or any type of UBE/UCE in connection to this website.
11.2. Client agrees not to use the Company's name or domain name in any relation to send spam, solicited emails, or in any other way that violates the terms of service.
11.3. The Client agrees not to post false negative votes on public forums or any rating sites without contacting the Company's management first. There may have been a temporary technical problems, so please make sure to always resolve any kind of issues and difficulties that may arise with our dedicated support first.
11.4. If you violate our Anti Spam Policy, you will lose the rights to use our services and all of your account privileges will be immediately revoked.