How can I order A Statian ATM CARD?
All who invest more than single amount of $7500 in a plan are automatically enable to get free A Statian ATM CARD.
Mar-1-2016 07:39:21 PM
What is Statian ATM CARD?
A Statian ATM CARD issued by a Statelife, that enables a Statian to access an automated teller machine (ATM) in order to perform transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, obtaining account information, etc.
Mar-1-2016 07:36:39 PM
Can i get more than 2 withdrawals in a day?
You must have to take part BASF plan to increase limit
Mar-1-2016 06:38:23 PM
What are Statian's Promotional plans?
Click here to view Referral Plans
Mar-1-2016 05:57:44 PM
Why does Statelife use Eurohypo Clearing Corporation to custody & clearing clients assets?
We choose Eurohypo Clearing Corporation as its brokerage partner because:

Eurohypo is the ONLY custodian that enables Statelife to offer its clients a complete online experience. Other custodians would be inconvenient for Statelife clients by requiring wet signatures on documents or funding via paper check.

Eurohypo’s singular focus on agency execution and clearing means that they are much lower risk than other custodians. Eurohypo does not engage in activities like proprietary trading which could put clients at risk.

Eurohypo is solidly profitable and maintains regulatory capital that is four times the regulatory requirement.

Feb-29-2016 01:31:16 AM
Where is my money help?
Your assets are held in a Statelife account in your name at Eurohypo Clearing Corporation (Hypo). Eurohypo Clearing Corporation is an independent, correspondent clearing services firm with the proven leadership experience, capital position, and technology expertise necessary to serve our clients. Apex serves over a million customer accounts from all world based securities correspondents, including over half of Barron’s top 5 online brokerages and such firms as TD Ameritrade, TradeMonster, Scottrade and OptionsHouse (as of 12/31/12).
Feb-29-2016 01:27:32 AM
Do you support custodian account?
Yes we do support.
Feb-29-2016 01:24:14 AM
Can one open more than one accounts in Statelife?
You are welcome to open as many accounts as you would like as long as each has a minimum of $1500. Many of our clients like to open dedicated accounts for each of their savings needs such as buying a house, financing their kids’ college, and saving for retirement.
Feb-29-2016 01:23:17 AM
How may can open an account in Statelife?
Any individual 18 or over legally may open a Statelife account.

Feb-29-2016 01:19:53 AM
Which payment methods do Statelife accepts?
We accept Perfectmoney, Payeer & Bitcoin.
Feb-29-2016 01:16:11 AM
What is withdrawal period?
Withdrawal period called to a specific round of time in which you can withdraw your invested funds. Statelife offers 2 periods with instant withdraws.
Feb-29-2016 01:15:15 AM
What is Statelife how may it help me to reach my financial goals?
Statelife is a branded investment portfolio which is help nearly 1.3 million investors from all over the world. Statelife is one of the genuine online investment source is surely work for your success in financial world. Statelife is only company which is existing over 170 countries & its representing over 253 languages of the world. Statelife is only company which have more 83 offices located in various corners in the world, especially Europe, North America, South America & Africa also a mini amount of Asia.
Aug-11-2014 01:12:12 AM
Can a Statian ever lose money?
No. the fund is capital guaranteed, the Statian can have a capital gain on his investments.
Jun-3-2012 01:01:22 AM
How long does an ideal Statian hold his investments?
1-5 days depending on the nature of the fund. While income funds can be held for a week, Statian funds should be held for more than two weeks.
Jun-3-2012 01:01:07 AM
Are all Statian capital guaranteed?
Jun-3-2012 01:00:32 AM
Can I forecast funds return & dividend on the basis of past performance?
Yes. Past performance is guarantee of its future performance.

Jun-3-2012 01:00:17 AM
Are any of the Statian belonging to the following Fund Houses guaranteed by Statelife?
Statelife currently distributes selected funds:
A) Microsoft.
B) AG Metro.
D) Euro Hypo.
Jun-3-2012 12:59:43 AM
Which is the riskiest investment; an Equity fund, Income fund or a Money market fund?
The riskiest is an equity fund followed by fixed income funds and least risky being money market fund. However an equity funds can give the highest returns reflecting the inherent risk on the investment.
Jun-3-2012 12:59:06 AM
If I redeem today, how fast can I get my money?
You can get your funds back in to your account within 6 working hours from the date the application is received at the fund house.

Jun-3-2012 12:58:49 AM
What is the current value on my Unit Trusts?
A fund’s unit price, Net Asset Value (NAV), is published on the Fund House’s website as well as leading financial newspapers on a daily basis. You may obtain this NAV and multiply it with your number of units to get the current investment value.
Example: NAV is $133.47. Your number of units is $4,000
4,000 * $133.47= $5,33,880/-
Jun-3-2012 12:57:06 AM
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